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The quantity take off software

  • Ideal for cost estimators and contractors​

  • Measures on vector, image and PDF files​

  • Unique dynamic link between measurements and work items

  • Be precise, save time and improve accuracy​

  • No CAD experience required

Quantity Surveyors and Contracts departments have to deal with PDF, image and DWG documents frequently. TDS finds ExtrAXION to be a no-frills solution for QS and Contracts. It is easy to set up and even easier to use.

ExtrAXION facilitates fast and accurate measurements. It can measure on vector files -CAD (dwg, dxf, dgn, wmf, etc.), pdf files as well as image files or even scanned drawings (bmp, gif, jpeg, tif, etc.) enabling rapid and precise measurements of length, area, volume and item count. More importantly, it keeps a trace on the origins of the BOM ensuring nothing is missed or doubly counted.
ExtrAXION offers a unique dynamic link between the measurement results and the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) work items, thus simplifying the complex procedure of construction cost estimation and reducing the chance of errors. Measurement results can be filtered and extracted to MS Excel.
Besides QS and Contracts, ExtrAXION is also ideal for architects for fast and accurate estimation during the bidding of contracts as well as checking on the bids. Accurate and fast estimation enable what-if senarios hence reducing risks while staying competitive in biding or quoting for jobs.


The Add-on program ExtrAXION Rebars allows the rapid, high precision measurement of steel reinforcement, directly from the drawings. This allows for more accurate costing of projects.


can be measured in three different ways: by drawing them on the plans (whether they are visible or not), by directly selecting their linear segments on the drawing, or by selecting them from the library of several ready-made shapes and defining the segment lengths.

Cost Of Rebars

ExtrAXION Rebars even allows the users, on the basis of their experience, to measure and calculate the cost of rebars, which are often not indicated by the engineers on the drawings.  

Structural Element

Each steel bar belongs to a structural element and is automatically given a code. The users define the rebar size, link it to a work item and indicate whether it is a main, additional or auxiliary reinforcement. They can optionally give it a description.

Automatic Calculation

For rebars that appear once on a drawing but are to be repeated (ex. across the width of a slab) the user needs to measure only once, type the distance between the bars and the total width – which can also be input through a measurement on the drawing. The number of required steel bars, the total length and total weight are automatically calculated.


ExtrAXION Rebars can automatically generate detailed reinforcement tables for the complete explanation of the quantities. The users can select from the "tree" the structural elements they wish to view and create the corresponding rebar table.

Automatic Reinforcement

Rebars are rotated to better fit in the reinforcement tables’ cells automatically by the program. The user can manually adjust the rotation. Rebars can also be represented by a user defined marking figure as necessary (ex. when the rebars are perpendicular to the drawing level they can be hidden and replaced by a symbol. To measure the height of such perpendicular rebars in columns the user can rely on the "auxiliary drawings" option of ExtrAXION. 

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