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In July we organised two seminars focusing on Smarter Spreadsheets for Engineering & the Missing Link in Project Management. The seminars were successful in creating impactful discussion among the attendees, and managed to attract more than 35 participants from various companies. Participants from SMOE, Veolia, Rotary Engineering, Hiap Seng, IDA, BCA had given positive feedback on the talks.

Spider proposes a solution for a smarter approach to data revisioning and document management in a collaborative environment with a simple and familiar spreadsheet-like user interface.

Some of the key features of TMS, such as weighting structures and multiple user defined hierarchy were introduced. Various proven methods to view and automate the generation of meaningful project information in a variety of graphs and reports were demonstrated in the seminar.

The presentation slides for the seminars can be accessed from the link below:-

- Smarter Spreadsheets for Engineering, 1st July (slides)

- The missing link in Project Management, 2nd July (slides)

For further information and enquiries, please email to

#spreadsheets #projectmanagement #shipyard #engineering #productivity

The OpenCAM seminar held in March 2015 brought 20 personel from shipyards and metal fabricators in Singapore together. The seminar was a platform to share technical experiences. We thanked all participants & our hosts for the success of this event.

During the seminar, Arnaud and Larbi shared their knowledge of issues in shipyard worldwide. These issues resonated with the audience very well. At the end of the seminar, Larbi was able to facilitate a lively exchange. We hope everyone goes back with helpful knowledge as well as contacts that they can turn to in time of need.

For handouts of the seminar, please contact

#openCAM #metalfabrication #shipyard #engineering

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