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Bluebeam Revu Document Control

Pre-requisite : Bluebeam Revu Essential Training / 

Experienced Bluebeam User

Duration : 0.5 day

Price : SGD 200


This course is about  how to use the tools of Bluebeam REVU for document control. The course will cover preparation required for document control in a project. How project users go through the process of submittal, review, markup and approval. How various tools are used to support the workflow.

Preparation for Document Control

This preparation is required to ensure that the objectives of document controls in the project is achieved. We prepare the facilities to submit documents for review and approval. In the process of this review, the course will discuss how Bluebeam Studio Session can be use for collaboration. At the end of every document life cycle,  Bluebeam Studio Project is used provide a store of all documents with comments with versioning capabilities for easy access and search function.

Organising the Documents

This session we discuss how the documents are received, organised and bookmark automatically. A navigable drawing set is then derived from the documents and distributed.

Changes and Revisions

Revised documents are received. This session will show how changes can be managed in Revu. And at the end how revised packages can be created and distributed.


The final session will be to show how sets are used to set up the final distribution package for project team, external contractors in an easy to navigate package for their usage. 

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