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PDMS - Automated Support Drawing Production

To the designer, PDMS was like a word processing software to a writer. They use the software for layout studies to the final deliverables. In the project, pipe supports were designed as the pipe is routed. In this style of working, surprises at the end of the project is minimised.


When the routing is completed, supports are already clash free, and the main structure to accommodate them are properly designed. This ensures that drawing production can began for Isometrics and supports as soon as possible. It was for this reason that ASDP was created.


The software was used in an offshore project in Vietnam in 2013 where TDS worked closely with the Fuelite Pte Ltd to perfect the software and hence were able to make time saving of more than 80% if they had taken an alternative solution. Since then other companies have adopted the software including MESPL and SMOE in 3 other projects.

The software produce support drawings for support created using standard PDMS steel and piping applications or AVEVA MDS. User can define their own template and select scale and number of views for the drawing to be produced. The speed of drawing production means that batch production was not neccessary but possible and the ease of setup and local support means that users were confident of utilising the software successfully in the project.

Support are model in "Free Hand" Mode.
Support Designed with MDS
Drawing using "MDS" mode
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