Navisworks Essential Training

Pre-requisite : None

Duration : 2 days

Price : SGD 400


After completing this course, the trainee should be able to prepare for Design Review Session using model from various sources. He will be able to make use of the appearance of the model, viewpoints to drive a successful Review Session. He will be using the Clash Detective to ensure clash free design. At the same time, he will be introduced to Animator and scripting and use them together with timeliner for construction simulation. The course also introduces Quantification and Rendering. 


Versions of Navisworks

Types of Files

Opening , Appending, Merging and Saving files

User Interface and Navigating the Graphical Interface

Graphical View

Looks at the various view parameters

Sectioning the view

Saving Viewpoints

Review & Annotations




Grouping, Sorting and Search

Grouping into Sets



Item Manipulation

Overriding Appearance


Animation & Scripting

Animating Camera

Animating Objects - Appearance and Transformation

Animating Section Plane


Creating Task List

Associating Selections to Task

Adding Animation

Simulating Project Schedule ( 4D BIM )

Simulating Project Schedule with Cost (5D BIM )

Clash Detective

Preparing Clash Set

Setting Clash Parameters

Examining Clashes

Reporting Clashes

Quantification & Rendering

Getting the best view from the model using Materials.

Introduce to rendering capabilities in Navisworks

Introduce quantification features of the software including 2D capabilities.

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