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Free Online Course Conducted "Live" by Expert Trainer

TDS is proud to introduce Continuous Learning - online course to compliment classroom and other on the job training. Continuous Learning courses and seminars are delivered online and they are FREE. They are taught by experienced Engineers and trainers.

I am Goh Thiam Seng, founder of TDS Engr Solutions . I have been imparting skills in Computer Aided Engineering and Design for the past 30 years through classroom, workshops and seminars.

At the start of the 90s, engineers used tables, charts and programmable calculators. Computers were big-ticket items and not widespread in the engineering office. Engineers faced difficulties as early adopters of advance software in Engineering. I had to encourage them by reasoning with them the importance of learning these technologies for career advancement, for better management and convince them it was not something beyond them. With constant reminders and encouragement yielded focus and progress.

In the late 90s onwards when computers became an indispensable tool in any Engineering office, I taught Engineers who were computer savvy. This time round, it was not about encouragement to learn the software applications, it is about being conscious of the Engineering and Engineering process beneath the software. Without the knowledge beneath, it is difficult to adapt and efficiently exploit computing technology to bring out efficiency and quality.

At TDS, we have been providing classroom training and workshop as part of our solution. The advantage of classroom training is there are exercises done in a controlled environment and the trainees can make mistakes and learn through interactions with the instructor. If the trainees do not practice their skills in their daily work , the 60-80% that they retained after the course will be greatly reduced. Hence the idea of - Continuous Learning.

Continuous Learning acts as revision for knowledge lost after classroom training.

Continuous Learning is for the busy engineers who has some knowledge of the topics discussed but who have never attended formal training.

Continuous Learning is for engineers who has no budget to go for formal classroom training.

Continuous Learning is for workers who wants to acquire knowledge for better career advancement.

Continuous Learning is for everyone and it is FREE as long as you want it !

How to start ?

For Engineering Software skills, we create a series of lessons called "Learning Path". Lessons will be delivered live online for 1 - 2 hours, attendees Q&A answered at the end of the session. If you follow the path completely, you will be awarded a Certificate of Participation for training in Autodesk product.

What are the courses available ?

Subscribe to Continuous Learning Newsletter for latest course and schedule. Our first course will be on 7th June 2019. Once you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be getting invitation to the course.


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