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INTERsoft-intelliCAD 2023 promotion

Check out the newest version of INTERsoft-IntelliCAD 2023 with a massive discount of up to 62%!

INTERsoft-INTELLICAD is a breakthrough version of the CAD software for creating 2D and 3D technical documentation in the DWG format.

Main features includes:

New version of dynamic coordinate input and a setup window for dynamic input.

Editing tool palettes, creating block palettes and a new block editor.

Recurring selection and deleting duplicates (overkill).

Import and export of system variable settings from the System Variable Manager level.

Reading and saving drawings in AutoCAD format from 2.5 to 2018 (DWG, DXF).

Working in DWG 2018 native format.

Possibility to work on several computers (under one license), using a simple transfer of the license file.

Contact our sales staff at to purchase.

  • price subject to availability


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