About ArCADiasoft

ArCADiasoft is the biggest Polish manufacturer of software for building engineering with a reseller network that spans over 40 countries and a user base of over a hundred thousand individuals. The programs are written in the BIM technology and they include modules for architecture, construction and installations. ArCADia BIM system is the company comprehensive, object-oriented product that  enables various designers to cooperate among their locations. The full set of ArCADia BIM system modules consists at present of the following programs ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE, ArCADia-GAS INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-EXTERNAL GAS INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-SEWAGE INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-WATER SUPPLY INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-HEATING INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-DISTRIBUTION BOARDS, ArCADia-ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS, ArCADia-TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORKS, ArCADia-SURVEYOR , ArCADia-ESCAPE ROUTES , ArCADia-REINFORCED CONCRETE COLUMN, ArCADia - REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB. These modules are integrated in one application which is ArCADia 10/PLUS 10 or LT 10 graphic editor, or work as ArCADia AC in the form of an extension to AutoCAD. An additional part of our BIM system are independent specialist ArCADia-FRAME and ArCADia-TERMOCAD calculation programs.

ArCADia BIM and BIM technology

The origins of the idea behind ArCADia discipline applications system date back to ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE and ArCADia-IntelliCAD in 2008..Rather than just lines in a drawing, the ideal of a system using objects means that it is easily extended  to the areas related to BIM-based design. Through the years, applications are added to the system. At the same time, ArCADia BIM is truly an open system. ArCADia based CAD platform can be Autodesk Autocad or ArCADia 10/10 Plus/LT. Working with other vendor's system is possible with the various export/import component available.

ArCADia BIM basic module

ArCADia 10, ArCADia 10 Plus, ArCADia LT are ArCADia basic modules.. They can be used as a normal 2D/3D CAD software with ArCADia BIM base features.

ArCADia AC enable Autocad with ArCADia BIM base features. 

ArCADia 10 and ArCADia AC BIM capabilities can be extended with industry-specific modules.

ArCADia 10 and 10 Plus

ArCADia 10 is the basic module to use the ArCADia BIM System. ArCADia 10 can be used as a CAD software for 2D and 3D. It has some basic BIM features for Architectural. With the Industry-Specific application, ArCADia becomes the full feature BIM software.

ArCADia 10 Plus include full ACIS solids support for 3D.

ArCADia AC for Autocad and ArCADia LT are alternative base module for the ArCADia BIM System.

Features - ArCADia Architecture

ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE is an industry-specific module of the ArCADia BIM system, based on the ideology of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The program can be used to create professional architectural documentation. Above all, it is intended for architects and all who shape and restore building forms.

ArCADia-ARCHITECTURE is used for the object-oriented creation of professional architectural plans and sections, interactive 3D previews and realistic visualisation. The program features specialist architectural functions, such as: automatic cross-sections, automatic dimensioning or importing object shapes from other programs.

Features include Walls, Script windows and doors, openings, columns, floor , stairs , roofs, foundations, solids, 3DS objects.

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