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Computer Line Associates

Originally rooted in Material Management, CLA's technology has grown drastically together with the Company and is now able to offer a complete solution for all the engineering disciplines. CLA's sole focus is to provide technology that boosts the productivity of the customers and of their business as well. CLA has a consolidated history of developing innovative solutions: the technology has been chosen by the main leading companies in the Oil & Gas, Power, Pharma and Marine industries.

Progress Support Solution for Oracle© Primavera™ P6 & Microsoft© Project™

TMS is an "Add-In" software application designed to "Support & Report" the progress for any kind of project (from small and simple to large and complex) managed with Oracle© Primavera™ P6 and Microsoft© Project™.


TMS has unique features not available in your Planning System with a wide range of high-quality reports (all in Microsoft© Excel™ format).


platform and supports Oracle©, PostgreSQL© and SQL© server databases.

Consistency Checks

Internal consistency checks that will help to improve the quality of your project schedule

Dedicated Module

Dedicated module for Construction Progress Control

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive user interface with powerful import/export capability


Integration with other CLA applications like Puma & Spider in order to get updated information relevant to the installation quantities

TMS is developed on the Microsoft© .Net platform and supports Oracle©, PostgreSQL© and SQL© server databases.

Spider Management and Control of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Data

Spider (Engineering Data Warehouse) is an application designed for companies working in the industrial plant market (EPC Contractors and Owner Operators). One of its key capabilities is allowing multidisciplinary teams of engineers to work together during the development of the engineering activities, defining all the items involved in the project design.


According to Spider workflow, each engineering department retains full control over its key data relating to any project item. The application has a fully configurable data model and workflow, making it suitable for a wide range of projects and industries.


In general, Spider aims to manage large quantities of data in a structured and controlled way.


Project data and their flows are usually managed by using Microsoft© Office documents, causing information to be duplicated and not guaranteeing its integrity and uniqueness. Information is exchanged by emailing documents or by sharing them through the filesystem,


Spider allows Users to reset - independently and according to their own job scheme - the "dumb" documents to "smart" documents, also redefining their data model and information flow, still keeping control on them and guaranteeing their integrity and uniqueness.


Spider can organize the propagation workflow and the documents structure at project level, guaranteeing flexibility and adaptability to the project requirements. The company's emailing system is integrated, too, and thanks to an internal messaging system, Users are informed about documents issuing processes and about sensitive data updates.

Piping Management System

Puma5 is an integrated engineering IT suite that supports all the activities of the piping discipline, managing the line list, piping specification development, material management up to the generation of material requisitions. Puma5 guarantees the integrity of data improving the overall quality of the project execution, reducing the impact of costs and the delay of the schedule; Puma5 has been designed on the requirements of the major EPC contractors.


During each stage of the project life cycle all data resides on a single database: this gives the possibility to perform consistency checks, ensuring that all data is consistent with international and company standards, raising warnings to the engineers who will take appropriate actions to avoid possible problems that might arise during the project development.


Thanks to its modular architecture, Puma5 can be used either as a total solution or in a customized version by choosing the single modules of interest to be installed, but always allowing a seamless integration alongside with other products or in-house solutions already in use.


A powerful change management system helps material engineers to keep track of changes that might occur during the project life cycle.

CAD Interface Manager

ELENA (3D CAD Interface manager) is an application engineered for companies working in the industrial plant market (EPC Contractors and Owner Operators). It is an independent software platform whose main function is integrating heterogeneous 3D CAD systems with heterogeneous Material Management Systems (MMS).


Thanks to a completely automated process, ELENA can produce the components catalogue complete with the dimensional data, the piping specs and the accessories tables which are needed by 3D modelers in order to be ready for modeling.


According to ELENA workflow, the CAD department owns full control over their key data relating to any piping element of the project. The application has a fully configurable data model, making ELENA flexible and adjustable to any specific needs of the projects; it also lets users manage different 3D modeling systems simultaneously from a single material management system.


ELENA guarantees independence from the suppliers of material management systems and from the suppliers of 3D modeling systems, thus representing the linking point between the key software applications used for plant engineering and, in particular, between material management systems and 3D modelers.

Construction Site Management

Cosmo5 is an application industry-focused (EPC contractors) that integrates information coming from engineering, materials management, procurement, project management and other sources, combining them to perform prefabrication analyses, site warehouse management, prefabrication and construction progress monitoring.


Warehouse management is a key factor in the supply chain management and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within warehouses at the construction site and to process all the transactions, including receiving, storing, transferring and picking. The system also directs and optimizes the stock quantities based on real-time information from the procurement system.


Real time feasibility analyses are calculated on the basis of the components found in the Material Take Off (imported from Puma5 or any other material management system) and of the availability of the material stored in the warehouses; forecast analyses can also be performed using the quantities and the delivery dates indicated in the Packing lists and in the Purchase orders; materials on the analyses can be engaged, thus making them not available for different analyses.


Progress monitoring can be performed on prefabrication, installation and every other activity that the company wants to monitor. The workflow is fully configurable: activities can be determined by the user and, for each one of them, the percentage of the overall progress can be defined. Progress reports are fully configurable by the user.

Piping Support Material Management

Sumo5 is an application designed to manage and quantify piping supports materials; its main capability is to retain the Company's standard support drawings, read the quantities from the 3D model or other sources, and deliver Material Take-Off and Material Requisition based on the Company's requirements.


Piping support material management is a key factor in the engineering process; Sumo5 allows the Users to carry on the design tasks without having to worry about material management: the list of materials can be imported from the 3D model or from any other source, such as Microsoft© Excel™ files, making it easy to work with.

Company's piping support standards are loaded into the application with their parametric dimensions; while importing data from the 3D model or other source, Sumo5 calculates the needed quantities and generates a Material Take-Off.

Besides managing the standard supports - which are available for every project stored in the same database - Sumo5 can manage also the materials related to special supports for the Material Take-Off and the Material Requisition of each single project; in this case, however, they are visible only for the current 


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