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4M CAD 19 launched !

We are glad to announce you that the new version of 4MCAD 19 is now launched.

4MCAD19 combines the DWG2018 Compatibility with significantly higher performances plus a series of new tools and enhanced commands.

Here is a summary of the new features:

  • DWG 2018 Compatibility: the new 4MCAD19 opens any DWG2018 file format and converts it into DWG2013.

  • Higher Performances: higher speeds in pan/zoom even for very large drawing files, faster PDF creation by also reducing the resulting .pdf file size, increased performances when working with many external references, improved redraw performances, selection performances and entity snap performances.

  • 3D PDF: export to a 3D .pdf file plus enhancement in exporting 2D pdf files, such as new compression modes, image clipping, and gradient hatches.

  • New tools & facilities: search for files when using the Open command, new multiline text editor, new explode text command, show drawings on individual tabs, Workspaces saving facilities and many others.

New enhanced Commands: new dialog box for the ARRAY command, new BCOUNT command to count selected blocks, new Filter option in LAYER command etc, nee multiline text editor for multiline text in place, new Auto Number command adds numbering to texts, multiline texts, new dialog box for Boundary hatch command, new HATCHTOBACK command, new interface in drawing settings command with tabs instead of drop-down lists, new commands VPMAX and VPMIN to maximize and minimize viewports.


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