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Rebars Take-off has never been easier

Finally a breakthrough in rebars takeoff !

The Add-on program ExtrAXION Rebars allows the rapid, high precision measurement of steel reinforcement, directly from the drawings. This allows for more accurate costing of projects.

The measurements of the reinforcement bars can be made on any structural drawing and regardless of the software program used to generate it.

The Add-on can be used for all types of reinforced concrete jobs. It is designed for quantity surveyors, estimators, civil engineers, builders and contractors who need to have accurate data on the quantities of reinforcement required.

Reinforcements Library

A library available for immediate use is included. The data in the library is editable, and new information can be added by the users so that it fits perfectly their needs.

The library includes:

- More than 150 ready-made reinforcement shapes with default values for the length of the various segments defined by experienced civil engineers. The users can also define and design new custom shapes and input the formula which calculates their length.
- Structural elements (beams, columns, slabs, footings, walls, etc.) , relate rebars shapes to different structural elements
- Standard diameters of reinforcements with weight per unit of length, for both the metric and the imperial systems.
Rebar Library

Ease of Use

The steel bars can be measured in three different ways: by drawing them on the plans (whether they are visible or not), by directly selecting their linear segments on the drawing, or by selecting them from the library of several ready-made shapes and defining the segment lengths.

Output as drawings or tables

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